When we (Ugandans) hear of #COVID19 patients we think of an old white guy or a frail looking old white lady.

Yes since the end of 2019, we have all been seeing images of predominantly OLDER white people, BUT before we could conclude that it ONLY kills whites, we saw thousands of ; blacks, Hispanics , Asians dying and then we decided it killed only people in “outside” countries.

When we think of #COVID19 ,we don’t think of an energetic young man or a beautiful woman.

We don’t usually think of someone our age or someone younger yet the face of #COVID19 can be somebody young, old ,male or female.

(Alhamdulillah it has spared the children 🙏🙏)

Though I have heard children are some of the BIGGEST carriers.

It could be the face of your brother, your mother, your sister, father, your wife, your friend, your colleague.

Your Boda Boda guy, the girl at the pharmacy or your favorite waitress at your favorite kafunda.

The face of #COVID19 could be YOU or ME!!

Yes my friends, unfortunately #COVID19 lives among us.

It has surrounded us. Yet it remains invisible to the naked eye.😱

By now 12/24/2020 #COVID19 has entered most of our families and it’s creeping really fast into our homes.😭

I have lost loved ones to this disease.😭💔

I have loved ones that have battled with it and are still reeling from its long lasting EFFECTS with impact on both mental and physical health.🙏.🤗

(Harrowing recounts of the emergency room and ICU)

Not to mention how expensive the treatment is ,especially now when most of us are in a recession.

I also have loved ones who are just entering the STORM😢😭!

May Allah grant them shifa and us mercy and protection,Aameen.🙏🙏

We must remain vigilant, be cautious, be woke.

#COVID19 doesn’t know the strong , it doesn’t segregate the rich or the poor.

Yes to some #COVID19 is NOT that big a deal while to others it is a MARK for death.

The sad reality is that the face of #COVID19 is known to you and may be even closer than you think.

To my CHRISTIAN friends and family, as you celebrate the holidays, it is MORE important that you miss out on the festivities, as long as you keep safe and alive.

We can always celebrate later when we are all safe and well.

2020 has reminded us what is truly important, and that is LIFE above anything else.

As news of a new #COVID19 strain emerges, we need to be MORE intentional and deliberate.

So maintain the social distancing, keep that mask on, wash the hands with soap , sanitize , take your ginger -lemon- garlic concoction ne bingederako , kachumbali , fruits and your multivitamins.

( I know it sounds all so callous and I absolutely hate it especially when the omuntu wawansi CANNOT afford most of the items mentioned above💔💔)

Don’t forget to excercise too!

This disease will most likely touch every life so it’s good to be prepared by boosting your immunity.

Above all , Be happy that you are alive and maintain a positive attitude!!✌🏿

And we pray real HARD that WE and our loved ones are some of the ones that will be spared from this deadly disease.


PS: PLEASE don’t stigmatize those that are infected with #Covid19 or those that have recovered.

#Life #besafeoutthere #Twebereremu