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Day 22 of #dwarfismawarenessmonth

The world was designed for someone of average height so it becomes daunting especially for a child with dwarfism.

Small steps can be taken to make the home accessible for all inhabitants.

Your child needs as much independence as possible right from the start.✌🏿

Making the home accessible will involve the Lp child in all household chores and activities.

A step stool to reach the sink, kitchen counter, the toilet seats.

Lower some of your mirrors so the child gets to look at themselves.

She or he needs to look at themselves as this will help with coming to terms with who they are.

Low raised furniture including beds make it easy to get on and off.

Ramps will go a long way not just for the little person ( we take shorter strides hence stairs tire us out fast) but for PWDs, the elderly, pregnant women and children.

However if cost is not a limitation then you can lower everything in the house especially light switches , door knobs , sinks and the toilet seat.

Accessibility is KEY when it comes to LPs and other PWDs.

#accessibility #independentliving

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