My 5 biggest LESSONS of 2020;

I thought I should share some important things I learnt last year.

As always, I am content even if my post helps just one person on the smallest level.🙏

Forgive yourself

To have a fresh start, forgiveness is ESSENTIAL!

So, forgive yourself, for NOT knowing any better, for letting people steal your power, betray your trust.

Forgive yourself for staying quiet when you should have spoken.

Forgive yourself for staying when you should have left.

Forgive yourself for allowing others’ opinion of you , influence your life, decisions, feelings.

Forgive yourself for all the MISTAKES you have made.

You did your best at that time and NOW you know better. 🤗Let it go! ✌🏿

Forgive yourself : Asher Namatovu

Try something new.

I am one of those people that dreaded change but I am learning that change is good.😊

It helps us grow into better versions of ourselves.

A year ago, I decided to use my experience as a Little person to motivate and inspire others “born different” and now I am not only speaking my truth to persons with disabilities but to everyone.🙏❤️


Step out of your comfort zone, I know it’s scary and I too was scared to open up my life to the world, BUT I promise you, the rewards of taking that risk are way BIGGER than your wildest imagination.✌🏿
Keep changing, keep growing, keep strengthening your inner self😉

Trust the Lord’s timing.

I call him Allah , my God , my Lord and Master ( let me know what you call HIM ) and He is the BEST of planners.

God knows what we really need and when we need it.


Trust the process no matter how difficult it may seem AND keep moving even when you don’t see a road ahead.

Have beautiful patience, as you wait on God to write your story.

Be grateful

Let us carry all our lessons from the past year into the new chapter.

#COVID19 has changed life as we know it!!

Let us be thankful for absolutely everything.

The good, the bad, the scary and everything in between.

Let us value LIFE and the people that give meaning to our lives.🧡🖤💛🤎💙🤎

Life goes on

Regardless of how bleak the present is; loss, failure, trauma, grief, change, betrayal, etc, ALWAYS remind yourself that life does GO on.

The future has infinite possibilities and opportunities, BUT it is up to you to go out and find them.

The situlago, continues !!✌🏿🦾✊🏼

To my FB family, thank you for your support!!!🙏🙏

You are truly amazing!❤️❤️❤️

I hope you and yours are safe and happy wherever you are!

HAPPY New Year everyone!!

Much 💗 💕