Almost everyone has ever had an experience of loneliness.

From broken hearts to loss of loved ones.

EVERYONE has a bad day once in a while but I would like to focus more on PWDs that continue to regularly have bad days.

The Baganda have a proverb that loosely translates to , “that when it rains it pours. “

Most PWDs face loneliness at different stages of their lives.

During childhood we don’t get to play with other kids, we stay home as others go to school, as we become teenagers we don’t experience the first crush, first kiss like our peers then we miss out on life at university, then work , marriage and starting a family.

It gets lonely when you consistently get #leftbehind

The sad FACT is that we are usually cut off from the rest of society.

Barriers that are physical; buildings and recreation spaces, barriers to services ; Healthcare ,education ,employment ,financial services and information ,barriers in terms of people’s attitudes.

Let us not forget that most PWDs are poor .

People without disabilities RARELY mix and mingle with PWDS, that are not either family or friends.

It’s like y’all think we are contagious or something

This makes us socially awkward. So we keep away from y’all Details