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Day 28 of #dwarfismawarenessmonth

People base their perception of LPs on what has erroneously been presented in the media for centuries.

To that end, people assume we are only good for your entertainment and that’s it.🙆🏽‍♀️

People find it near impossible to imagine LPs as equal, normal citizens, your regular everyday people.

Yet we are very much pretty regular.🤷🏼‍♀️

The most successful examples of LPs Ugandans know of are; Movie actors and reality TV personalities from places like America and the UK.

It hasn’t also helped that we don’t have at least in the African or Ugandan context LPs that are excelling or in the limelight for good reason.

And this doesn’t mean that we are not doing amazing things , because we are ,but we have NO visibility.😢😔

We need to see more LPs in politics, some are already there but more needs to be done.

We need to gun for the big leagues, like MP!💪🏻

We need to see more LPs in the public sector. We are yet to see the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appoint an Lp in the cabinet.

Yes, we can totally be ministers, or Permanent secretaries or commissioners.

In the Arts we need to see better content in the series or theater plays, but cast in strong and intelligent roles ,away from the usual jolly or comic characters.

Society cannot imagine LPs working in a full time job, but you should because many of us are qualified in different fields and it’s the barriers such as attitudes and perceptions and the physical environment that are holding us back.

We need to see more Ugandan LPs as teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers Company executives, I want us to be MDs and CEOs at Absa Bank Uganda , Bank of Uganda, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, Coca-Cola, etc

I want to see someone who looks like me, on Tv as News Anchors and show hosts.

We need to show that we are more than jesters.

That we can hold down our jobs, can pay our bills and can live independently.

We need to see more LPs represented in the beauty industry.

On magazine covers, we have gorgeous women in our community and very handsome men.

I am not sure why the media has completely shut us out?!

Ugandan LPs must stand up for their rights and demand a seat at the table not as a token but a voice that is heard.

We could also just create our own table and showcase all our awesomeness 😊✌🏿

The narrative must change and now is the time!🙌🏻

To the media; broadcasting,print and online the ball is in your court.

Try to right your wrongs!

#adequaterepresentation #LittlePeopeVisibility #naffetusobola

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