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Day 21 of #dwarfismawarenessmonth

We all need to have people we bond with, especially us women.

We need a tribe of sisters to help us navigate through life.

I am blessed to have a wonderful tribe of women and men who hold me up, but growing up I didn’t have girls “born different” who were my age.

All my friends and sisters are average height, so they never really understood some of my challenges.😢

So a few years back, I made the intention of connecting with different women with different disabilities.

It is one of the best decisions I have ever made!😊

I am glad that now I have a more diverse tribe that includes other Little women in my life .🙏❤️

Women that get it on another level and that has made my life even richer and a whole lot happier!❤️😊🙏🤗


My advice to everyone is that if you want something ,you must take the necessary steps to achieve it.

It’s not enough to wish for it but you must also be intentional and deliberate in your efforts.💪🏻

To the parents of children with Dwarfism, please guide your child to make connections with others “ born different “, doesn’t matter whether they are girls or boys .

Right now because of the internet we live in a global village, Maa shaa Allah💃😊🙏

It will help your child so much!!✌🏿

And to my ever growing tribe of sisters online and offline, the ones from day one ,Gwenny Kyoshabire, to the ones I have just met or connected with this week LeeAnne Williams thank you is not enough.🙏💕

I am beyond blessed to have you ladies in my life and I love you!💕 💗❤️

Ka jambo to my gorgeous Meetu Princess Joyful Florah and the beautiful Mulhumbira Dinah

#Sisterhood #gratefulheartalways

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