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Like most 90s kids I was taught to never fail, now my parents didn’t sit me down and tell that explicitly but it was implied.

There was absolutely no room to fail.

So for almost all My life I knew failure as something bad.

I only discovered last year that it’s not.

Thank you Stirling Wagner Gapara , you keep on saying failure sets you up for success! ( I may have paraphrased🤣🤣🤣)

Most of you are like the way I was before.

The problem is we think we fear to fail, but we mostly fear to be ashamed.

  • What will people say?
  • They will laugh at me!!
  • They will say I am a failure.
  • I will never show my face in public again

As a child I remember hearing the old people say,”baanalaba batya?!

How will it seem to the public? What will the neighbors say?

I was taught to fear failure and this is very limiting for a child.😭

I couldn’t try new things because I feared to “disappoint “ people.😔😢

But then how else can you get batter if you fear to get it wrong ?

How can you grow into your best self if the fear of failure paralyzes you?


How can you soar beyond the clouds if you fear to fly?!

Let me tell you a recent story, I was invited to a a live Tv event as part of a panel discussion , so I was like what if I freeze, 😱I am not used to live broadcasts yet.

What if I sound terrible?!😳

I was way out of my league, all the other speakers were politicians or advocates who have been around for a long time.🙆🏽‍♀️

So to allay my fears, I reminded myself there was a reason I was on this panel.😉

I must have something worthwhile to contribute if I was chosen.🤷🏼‍♀️

Plus , I was like this advocacy thing is not going to do it’s self 😂😂😂 and TV is a great platform.

Then I asked myself, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen?!

Probably become a meme on social media.🤷🏼‍♀️

What could I lose? A bit of my dignity until the next zungululu came up.

So I went for the event and got nervous at the start, later on I gained my momentum and I still felt like I didn’t present myself in the best possible way BUT;

  1.  I had faced my fear.💪🏻
  2. I learnt that I need to prepare very well and practice before such a presentation .✌🏿
  3. I learnt what panel discussions are all about!!🙈

Most of us assume failing means you are finished!! Done!!


You need to understand that failing is part of life but it’s not the end.

This is a lesson I have learnt late in life and I wish I had learnt it as a child.

Take an example of a kid when he is learning to walk, how many falls does he go through before finally being able to walk on his own??!A few hundred maybe?

Does he give up? NO !! he perseveres until he gets it right.

What of the parents, do they tell him you have fallen X times, give up already, you will never be able to walk in life.

No, they cheer him on until he wobbles and finally walk firm on his feet.

Find your rally team ; Magala Fiona, Princess Sharmirah Kimbugwe, Ednar Favoured Nyakaisiki, Elizabeth Destiny ka jambo

Be your own cheerleader yiveni!! 📣

Be like a baby, You fail, you try again and again and again until you get it.✌🏿

If it’s that book you have alway wanted to write, that Youtube show you want to make, a business, a marriage, a class you want to take or to switch careers.

Go on and try it, you may actually succeed on your first attempt and if not, dust yourself up and try again.

Situlago continues!!

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